The Spaghetti House Siege

The Spaghetti House Siege

The scene of a 5 day armed robbery/siege.

Location: 77 Knightsbridge, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RB

Description: This Italian restaurant was the scene of something of the movies back in 1975. For five days, six hostages were held by armed robbers in the cellar of Spaghetti House before being released.

It all started on the 28th September 1975 when nine staff of the long running chain (still open today) gathered downstairs to collect the week's takings amounting to almost 13,000.

Three men burst in on them and led the all Italian staff, down into a small basement storeroom, although one man managed to escape and alert the police who quickly swooped and assessed the situation.

The gunmen held them in a cramped and hot but well-stocked storeroom. They eventually released two hostages who had became ill. After 5 days they released the others safely and handed themselves in to police without a struggle.

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The Spaghetti House Siege

The scene of a 5 day armed robbery/siege.

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