Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park

Surviving snuff mills.

Location: Morden Hall Road, Morden, SM4 5JD

Description: Morden Hall Park is a glorious taste of a country estate in the city. It offers a unique insight into a forgotten agricultural and industrial history that used to line the River Wandle.

The river meanders through the tranquil former deer park and remains a true haven for wildlife.

The snuff mills, dating from the 1750's which generated the park's income in the past, survive to this day. Snuff is the powder produced when dried tobacco leaves are ground between two stones turned by a waterwheel from the river.

Often Snuff was fragrantly perfumed with spices or floral flavours and small amounts were sniffed through the nose, a popular fad among the wealthy.

The Western Mill has been full renovated, and it's now used as a learning centre.

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Morden Hall Park

Surviving snuff mills.

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