First Flying Bomb

First Flying Bomb

The first German V-1 flying bomb hit London on this spot.

Location: Grove Road, Bow, London

Description: The first Flying Bomb on London fell here, hitting this railway bridge on 13th June 1944.

They were nicknamed buzz bombs by the British due to the distinct buzzing sound made by the pulse-jet engines powering the bombs, which overall resembled a small aircraft. Other British nicknames included doodlebugs and flying bombs. Each V-1 was launched from a short length catapult then climbed to about 3,000 feet at speeds up to 350 miles per hour.

As the V-1 approached its target, the buzzing noise could be heard by persons on the ground. At a preset distance, the engine would suddenly cut out and there would be momentary silence as the bomb plunged toward the ground, followed by an explosion of the 1,870 pound warhead.

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First Flying Bomb

The first German V-1 flying bomb hit London on this spot.

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My mother`s friend, A Nellie Underwood, was one of the injured in this attack. She had leg injuries and therefore had difficulty walking for the rest of her life. (Albert Dungate.)
Posted by Albert Dungate. on 2011-03-16

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