Oxo Tower

Oxo Tower

OXO Tower, the classic advertising loophole exploitation.

Location: South Bank, London

Description: The site was used by James I as a barge house, and it continued to be used a such until the late 18th Century.

The Liebig Extract of Meat Company bought it in 1927 for 75,000, and Albert Moore was employed as Architect to design a landmark building.

The initial proposal included spelling out the company name in electric lights which was refused, but when Moore came back with OXO, (at the time a subsidiary company of the Liebig empire) which he claimed was an elemental geometric form on all four sides of the building, the Oxo sign could no longer be classified as an advert.

Now it's housing an art gallery, a top class restaurant, and some exclusive boutiques, all with fabulous views of London and the River Thames.

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Oxo Tower

OXO Tower, the classic advertising loophole exploitation.

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