House of Dr John Snow

House of Dr John Snow

This is where Dr John Snow lived, developing a Cholera cure.

Location: 54 Frith Street, Soho, London

Description: Here is the house that Dr John Snow (1813–58), lived in for 14 years from 1838, whilst developing a theory that would save the lives of millions.

Between 1831 and 1860 there were four major outbreaks of cholera in London. In the epidemic of 1849 53,293 people died, and John Snow became certain that infected water was to blame.

In August 1854, there was a particularly virulent outbreak and Snow began plotting on a map where the deaths were occurring. It became clear that the majority of the victims were drawing their water from the pump in nearby Broad Street. He also noticed that not one of the workers at the local brewery, who drank beer rather than water, died of the disease.

On 7th September, Snow persuaded the authorities to remove the handle of the pump to render it unusable and, almost immediately, the epidemic ended.

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House of Dr John Snow

This is where Dr John Snow lived, developing a Cholera cure.

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