Bring Me Sunshine....

Bring Me Sunshine....

Eric Morecambe - Blue plaque unveiled on 14th May 1995.

Location: 85 Torrington Park, N12

Description: The late and great comic genius that was Eric Morecambe OBE will be forever remembered just by walking past this spot - here The Heritage Foundation unveiled a plaque on the 14th May 1995.

Eric Morecambe was the complete entertainer - after leaving school at 12 to pursue a career in show business, a talent show win organised by The Melody Maker and auditions for Jack Hylton in Manchester in 1939...was the start of his career with Ernie, it was here that he met Ernest Wiseman for the first time.

This meeting paved the way for the iconic partnership that it became, and will remain, entertainment history.

Up until his untimely death on May 28th 1984, Eric and Ern were the people's favourites and perhaps the greatest entertainers of the their generation. Apart from inspiring greats of today like Vic Reeves, Eric amongst many accolades was voted 'Pipe Smoker Of The Year' in 1970...what a legend!

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Bring Me Sunshine....

Eric Morecambe - Blue plaque unveiled on 14th May 1995.

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Credits: Life' not Hollywood, it's Cricklewood - Gary Morecambe

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