Albion House

Albion House

The building where Dr Crippen met his lover & bought poison.

Location: Albion House, New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BS

Description: In 1909 Dr. Crippen resigned his position with an advertising agency and took up a position with a dental surgeon here in Albion House, New Oxford Street, where Crippen was to become the medical adviser.

In Albion House, when Munyon’s business began to decline, Crippen was also in partnership with another firm: The Yale Tooth Specialists. While working here, Crippen employed as his typist Ethel le Neve. He had first met her when they had been working for one of Crippen’s business failures: The Drouet Institute. Although Crippen took over the Munyon’s office on a franchise basis, he failed to halt Munyon’s decline and Crippen ended his 16 year relationship with the Munyon firm on 31 January 1910.

On 17th January 1910, Crippen had ordered five grains of hyoscine, a poison, from a nearby New Oxford Street chemist. He collected the poison on the 19th and signed the chemist's register.

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Albion House

The building where Dr Crippen met his lover & bought poison.

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Albion House

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