The infamous Lipski acid murder

The infamous Lipski acid murder

Infamous Israel Lipski acid murder happened here.

Location: 16 Batty Street, Whitechapel

Description: It's at 16 Batty Street that the infamous Israel Lipski murder happened in 1887. A failing umbrella stick salesman named Israel Lipski forced nitric acid down the throat of a fellow boarder as she lay in bed on the second floor. The trial was a sensation and, even with intervention from rabbis and MPs, Lipski was hanged within a month. This murder set off a wave of antisemitism and the name 'Lipski' became a antisemetic slur throughout the east end.

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The infamous Lipski acid murder

Infamous Israel Lipski acid murder happened here.

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16 Batty Street is still well and truly there. (Anonymous)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-24
hey mynames eleanor aswell (eleanor)
Posted by eleanor on 2010-03-21
This is really spooky - my gt grandmother was born in 16 Batty Street in 1838! Ive often wondered if there were any photographs of the street from about that time. I understand from searching this evening that this house was pulled down in 1888 the year after the Lipski murder. Dont quite know how I feel now!! (eleanor)
Posted by eleanor on 2007-02-25

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