Quantum Cloud

Quantum Cloud

This is Antony Gormley's biggest installation in London.

Location: Greenwich Peninsula, London

Description: This is Antony Gormley's Quantum Cloud installation - at 30 metres high, it is Gormley's tallest sculpture to date (taller than the Angel of the North). It is constructed from a collection of tetrahedral units made from 1.5m long sections of steel. The steel section were arranged using a computer model with a random walk algorithm starting from points on the surface of an enlarged figure based on Gormley's body that forms a residual outline at the centre of the sculpture.

The sculpture was completed in 1999 in time for the opening of the Millennium Dome.

The idea for Quantum Cloud came from a comment about algebra made by Basil Hiley, quantum physicist (and long-time colleague of David Bohm), in which he said that algebra is the relationship of relationships.

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Quantum Cloud

This is Antony Gormley's biggest installation in London.

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Quantum Cloud

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