Well Read in the North

Well Read in the North

A bustling literary extravaganza in the heart of Camden

Location: 218 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BD

Description: Camden Town is the cultural centre of the London Borough of Camden. It is famous for its crowded markets, liberal attitude and associations with popular culture. Since the 1960s when the Roundhouse was a centre of alternative culture, and later associations with punk and Goth subcultures. Camden Town is also referred to as Camden.

And it of course has a library, Camden Town Library is a bustling-medium sized branch library in the heart of Camden.

Well worth a visit when you have some time to kill - with all the usual borrowing opportunities...

A variety of books for lending, they also hire out videos, cassettes, CDs and audio-visual material. Internet access is also available.

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Well Read in the North

A bustling literary extravaganza in the heart of Camden

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Yes, some people do refer to Camden Town as simply Camden. However, Camden is the name of the borough. The area around Camden Town station should be referred to properly as Camden Town. Do not encourage people to refer to the area incorrectly. (Murray)
Posted by Murray on 2011-05-10

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