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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


American Tour of London
American Tour of London


22nd July 2013 Prince George of Cambridge was born in St Mary's Hospital.go to related location

22nd July 2006 Arsenal's new stadium The Emirates officially opened.go to related location

22nd July 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes is shot dead by plain clothes police at Stockwell tube station.go to related location

22nd July 1971 Born today: Charlotte Gainsbourg, London England, actress (Little Thief)

22nd July 1944 Born today: Rick Davies, London England, rock vocalist/keyboardist (Supertramp)

22nd July 1928 Fulham football legend Jimmy Hill was born in Balham, South London.

22nd July 1919 De Falla and Massine's Three-cornered Hat, premieres in London

22nd July 1844 Born today: William Archibald Spooner, London, reverend/inventor (spoonerisms)

22nd July 1814 The Earliest known match played at Lord's Cricket Ground.go to related location

The Red Plaque of Cable Street

The Red Plaque of Cable Street

A Red Plaque and the Battle of Cable Street

Location: Tower Hamlets

Description: From Tower Hill go east along Royal Mint Street and you will come to a street on the right called Dock Street with Cable Street ahead.

Turn into Dock Street and about 30 metres along you will see a red plaque on the opposite wall. This plaque recalls the Battle of Cable Street when the inhabitants of East London rallied to Cable Street to force back the march of fascist Oswald Mosley and his Black shirts through the streets of East London.

Is this the only red plaque in existence...?

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The Red Plaque of Cable Street

A Red Plaque and the Battle of Cable Street

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The Battle of Cable StreetThe Battle of Cable Street
It was here that Oswald Moselys fascist march was stopped.

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