A Big Tin

A Big Tin

London's very own giant tin of Tate & Lyle Syrup

Location: West Silvertown

Description: Go on the DLR and alight at West Silvertown on platform one, then cross over to platform 2 and look out of the window.

You will see the Tate & Lyle factory.

On the nearside corner is a giant reproduction of a tin of syrup about 3/4 metres high.

All you need now is a factory that makes giant spoons!

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A Big Tin

London's very own giant tin of Tate & Lyle Syrup

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The image on the tin depicts a biblical story (the Book of Judges) - a swarm of bees nesting in a lions corpse, previously killed by Samson, on-route to the land of the Philistines. Hence- "Out of the strong came forth sweetness" (paul deith)
Posted by paul deith on 2014-08-18

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