Murder at Mr Smith's

Murder at Mr Smith's

Gangland murder that gave Frankie Fraser his nickname.

Location: 75 Rushey Green, Catford

Description: Today it's a normal shop on Rushey Green, but in the early hours of 8th March 1966 a gangland murder happened here.

Thank you once again for your kind help and like wise if you know of any links to pictures of this club during its heyday please let me know. If I find any local pictures of the Hippodrome I will contact you.

Before World War II it was the Savoy Ballroom and in 1939 it was commandeered by the government for social services, providing food, drink and medicine to local schoolchildren.

It was reopened as a dancing and gaming club called The Witchdoctor and renamed Mr Smiths before long.

Some great artistes played here such as Georgie Fame, Billie Davis and Marmalade in the 1960's.

The events that make this location notorious are two-fold. The owners of Mr Smith's, Manchester-based businessmen, Dougie Flood (a hugely successful club/hotel/leisure business owner) and Bill Benny (an ex heavyweight 20 stone wrestler), had asked Eddie Richardson and Frankie Fraser to protect the club in exchange for gaming machines being placed there. A large fight broke out between Kray gang members and Richardson gang members in the early hours and Kray-associate Richard Hart was shot dead outside the rear doors trying to escape.

Mad Frankie Fraser allegedly got his nickname from his part in this set-to.

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Murder at Mr Smith's

Gangland murder that gave Frankie Fraser his nickname.

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