The Necropolis Railway

The Necropolis Railway

Mid 1900s - coffin railway from Waterloo to Surrey graveyard.

Location: 121 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1

Description: Here it was in the mid 1900s that this became London's Stangest Railway Station. The Waterloo terminus of the Necropolis Railway which took coffins to a Surrey graveyard. Nicknamed 'the dead meat train' and 'the stiffs express', the trains would leave Waterloo daily taking corpses to their final resting place...So could you really expect anything extra if you travelled first class...would you really care?

The service was never reinstated after the Second World War, and the track in the Cemetery was removed c1947-48.

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The Necropolis Railway

Mid 1900s - coffin railway from Waterloo to Surrey graveyard.

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hallo, i have been searching for a genuine necropolis railway ticket, i have been searching for several years now, if anyone can lead me in the right direction of getting ahold of one that would be amazing, thank you (adam craft)
Posted by adam craft on 2009-04-12
The Railway Line may have been taken away, however, the line still remains in the actual Necropolis itself. The Old Station in the Necropolis is now one of the Smallest Monasteries in the World and final resting place of the remains of St Edward the Martyr! The Necropolis itself is one of Englands forgotten secrets and is running into disrepair due to miss management. (Robert Cranham)
Posted by Robert Cranham on 2008-10-22

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