The Time Terminus

The Time Terminus

This sculpture contains a kitchen sink and roll of wallpaper!

Location: Leytonstone Station, London

Description: This sculpture was designed by Lodewykin Pretor in 1999 as the focal point of the local transport interchange redevelopment.

The circular brick-built seat consisting of a two-stepped circular brickwork base, surmounted by a painted brick sculpture of a double-decker bus, surmounted by a single-decker bus and an early wooden-wheeled bus. Viewed from the other side is a double-decker bus, a tram and assorted motorised public transport vehicles from various decades.

At the heart of the central core of concrete and reinforced steel, and unknown to anyone other than the artist, Mr Pretor placed two items - a kitchen sink and a roll of wallpaper, taken from the site of one of the houses demolished in order to make way for the new road proposal. It is a gentle irony that, at the heart of a piece of sculpture celebrating the evolution of motorised transport, there should be part of the very fabric of the environment demolished to allow for its creation!

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The Time Terminus

This sculpture contains a kitchen sink and roll of wallpaper!

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