The Ye Olde Mitre

The Ye Olde Mitre

One of the most historical pubs anywhere, 13th century.

Location: 1 Ely Court, EC1N 6SJ

Description: This, the site of the Bishop of Ely's palace (built in 13th century), mentioned twice in Shakespeare (Richard II & Richard III), host to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragorn for a banquet in 1531, is one of the most historical pubs anywhere. The first Mitre was built here in 1546 and spent time as both a prison and a hospital.

Both palace and pub were demolished in 1772 though the present day pub encompasses a stone mitre from the old palace gatehouse built into a wall.

The tavern, like Ely place, is technically still part of Cambridgeshire and is not officially part of the city of London - in a way it's like a mini version of the Vatican - and the police can only enter if invited by the commissionaire.

There is an ancient cherry tree in the front bar (long deceased) that ... one tall story says Queen Elizabeth I is said to have danced around it as a young woman.

Tours: Elizabethan & Stuart London

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The Ye Olde Mitre

One of the most historical pubs anywhere, 13th century.

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