The Battles of Brentford

The Battles of Brentford

The site of the great Battles of Brentford.

Location: Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex

Description: This parkland by the Thames is reputedly the scene of two of the great Battles of Brentford.

The Battle of Brentford (1016) was fought in 1016 some time between 9 May (the approximate date Canute landed at Greenwich) and 18 October (the date of the later Battle of Ashingdon) between the English led by Edmund Ironside and the Danes led by Canute. It was one of a series of battles fought between Edmund and Canute, ultimately resulting in the lands held by Edmund's father Ethelred the Unready being divided between the two. Edmund was victorious in this particular battle, but ultimately failed to defend the lands inherited from his father.

The Battle of Brentford was a small pitched battle which took place on 12 November, 1642, between a cavalry detachment of the Royalist army under the command of Prince Rupert and two cavalry regiments of Parlimentarian forces. The result was a victory for the Royalists, with many Parlimentarians fleeing into the Thames and drowning.

Having won the battle the Royalist forces sacked the town. This action encouraged those Londoners who feared for their property to side with the Parliamentarians.[

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The Battles of Brentford

The site of the great Battles of Brentford.

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The Battles of Brentford

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