Cock Lane Ghost

Cock Lane Ghost

The infamous cock lane 'ghost' incident occurred here in 1762.

Location: 21 Cock Lane, London

Description: No longer standing, this building was plagued by an outbreak of internationally famous poltergeist activity that centred itself around a young child in the household, Elizabeth Parsons.

Crowds flocked to the haunted spot in October 1762, and claimed to have witnessed the manifestations. It was purported to be the spirit of a former resident in the Cock Lane house, a Mrs. Kent, and stated that she had been murdered by her husband.

The tenant of the house at the time of the disturbance was a man named Parsons, and it was more than surmised that he had invented the ghost for the purpose of blackmailing the deceased's woman's husband. The disturbance was finally traced to Parson's daughter, a girl of eleven, and Parsons himself was prosecuted and pilloried.

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Cock Lane Ghost

The infamous cock lane 'ghost' incident occurred here in 1762.

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Actually, some sources site the location as number 33 - can anyone corroborate the exact location? (Ade)
Posted by Ade on 2007-05-08

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