Parking Meter R.I.P.

Parking Meter R.I.P.

London's Last Coin Parking Meter - Now A Thing Of The Past

Location: Warwick Street, Westminster, W1S

Description: Central London's last coin-operated parking meter was removed on Thursday May 7th 2009, more than 50 years after the machines were first installed.

The removal of 4,000 machines started in 2007 after motorists began to pay for parking via mobile phone or credit card.

At a short ceremony at Warwick Square the Town Crier of Westminster, Peter Moore, will formally announce the end of the traditional meter.

The cashless parking scheme has been introduced by Westminster Council as a convenient alternative to carrying around pockets of change.

Danny Chalkley, of Westminster council's transport section, said: 'Coin-operated parking meters have had a long and distinguished history in the capital that stretches back more than 50 years.

'During their heyday they were an iconic fixture on the capital's streets and have played a vital role in shaping the development of modern parking services.

'However, it is now time for us to look to the future by embracing new and superior technology and consign these out-dated machines to the history books.'

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Parking Meter R.I.P.

London's Last Coin Parking Meter - Now A Thing Of The Past

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