The discovery of Penicillin

The discovery of Penicillin

This is where the Discovery of Penicillin took place.

Location: St Mary's Hospital

Description: Sir Alexander Flemming in his laboratory in the basement of St. Mary's Hospital in London on Friday September 28 1928,(now part of Imperial College) noticed a petri dish containing Staphylococcus plate culture he had mistakenly left open, was contaminated by blue-green mould, which had formed a visible growth, which had inhibited the growth of bacteria.

Fleming concluded that the mould was releasing a substance that was repressing the growth and lysing the bacteria.

Interestingly the pub opposite the hospital most likely contributed to the spread of the fungal spores.

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The discovery of Penicillin

This is where the Discovery of Penicillin took place.

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it cant be?! fancy you leaving a comment here... btw fleming may have discovered penicillin (although it had always been there and was used in other parts of the world to treat natural infections), but the real genius lay in developing the MEDICATION. where was that done however?? (tiger)
Posted by tiger on 2011-06-05

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