The Plank

The Plank

Tommy Cooper finds the plank and get a crafty tea and fag

Location: Malthouse Passage, Richmond, SW13 0AQ

Description: 'The Plank' is a popular 1967 British slapstick comedy short film made by Associated London Films.

It follows the misadventures of two builders - Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes - who require a floorboard.

Written and directed by Eric Sykes, and produced by Jon Penington. The story was based on an episode of Eric Sykes BBC comedy series Sykes and A... from 1964, called 'Sykes and A Plank'.

Although not technically a silent film it is unusual in having little spoken dialogue, instead the film is punctuated by grunts, other vocal noises and sound effects.

And so to this very spot, it is here that the hapless 'Tommy Cooper' character finds the plank having lost it, and promptly picks it up only to smear red paint all over his face.

The following commotion sees Cooper stopped by passers by who think he has a nasty flesh wound, he's then plied with tea, fags and sympathy until they realise their mistake.

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The Plank

Tommy Cooper finds the plank and get a crafty tea and fag

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