The Penguin Club

The Penguin Club

An 80 pound aluminium penguin as a mascot

Location: Clare Market

Description: The London School of Economics has a Penguin Club and their mascot is a one metre high steel and aluminium penguin whic stands outside the book shop in Clare Market.

It cost 10,000 dollars to make and was a gift from Canada. The problem is that the first one was stolen in 2001 and the 2nd one was stolen in 2009 leaving just a pair of severed flippers.

Students left flowers, poems,tins of sardines and penguin chocolate bars in memorium.

The current one is still there and as they weigh between 60 and 80 pounds it must be the local weightlifting club thats pinching them!

Tours: London

Tours: London 2012

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The Penguin Club

An 80 pound aluminium penguin as a mascot

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