Benjamin Franklin's House

Benjamin Franklin's House

Restored house of American founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

Location: 36 Craven Street, London, wc2n5nf

Description: Here is the recently restored Benjamin Franklin House, the world's only remaining Franklin home. For nearly sixteen years between 1757 and 1775, Dr Benjamin Franklin - scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, Founding Father of the United States and more - lived here.

While lodging at 36 Craven Street, Ben's main occupation was mediating unrest between Britain and America, but he also served as Deputy Postmaster for the Colonies; pursued his love of science (exploring bifocal spectacles, the energy-saving Franklin stove); explored health (innoculation, air baths, cures for the common cold); music (inventing the delightful glass armonica for which Mozart, Bach and Beethoven composed) and letters (articles, epitaphs, and his witty Craven Street Gazette), all while forging a hearty social life and close friendships with leading figures of the day.

The restoration also revealed a human thigh bone in the basement and further excavation receovered more than 1200 pieces of bone, including trepanned skulls. Probably from an anatomy school run by William Hewson, son-in-law of Franklin's landlord.

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Benjamin Franklin's House

Restored house of American founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

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Visited this museum recently. You can see pictures on my blog: (Diane Ashmore)
Posted by Diane Ashmore on 2007-11-19

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