The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution

The R.I. motto is 'Science Lives Here'.

Location: 21 Albemarle Street, W1S 4BS

Description: The Royal Institution is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. It is the oldest independent research body in the world.

It was founded in 1799 by the leading British scientists of the age, including Henry Cavendish and George Finch.

Since then 15 scientists attached to the Royal Institution have won Nobel Prizes.

The Institution's lecture circuit is most famous for their Christmas Lectures which were started by Michael Faraday in 1825. Today they are broadcast on television and around the world.

The building here houses over 200 years of history-making science (visit the Faraday Museum), and engage with the latest research, ideas and debates in regular public science events.

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The Royal Institution

The R.I. motto is 'Science Lives Here'.

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