La Deliverance

La Deliverance

The location of this glorious French naked lady statue.

Location: Henley's Corner, Finchley

Description: This glorious naked female statue by E. Guillaume jubilantly celebrates the victory of the French and British at the Battle of the Marne in 1915 in the First World War. This was the battle that possibly saved France and Britain from defeat in the war.

It was presented to Finchley Urban Council by Viscount Ruthermere on 20th October 1927.

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La Deliverance

The location of this glorious French naked lady statue.

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Credits: Extra info & photo: Jim Brightwell

La Deliverance

Battle of the Marne started And ended Sept 1914. Second battle July 1918. (Petrel)
Posted by Petrel on 2011-05-16
Sadly, La Daliverance is badly in need of some maintenance and cleaning (March 2009) (Larry Simons)
Posted by Larry Simons on 2009-03-05
I did not make this statue! I have taken photos of it from a diferent angle. To see them go to, and look at statues album. Jim Brightwell (Jim Brightwell)
Posted by Jim Brightwell on 2007-08-21

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