St Katherine's Dock Marina

St Katherine's Dock Marina

Thomas Telford constructed this dock back in 1828

Location: Off Smithfield

Description: Thomas Telford constructed the dock in 1828.

The name 'St. Katherine's' comes from the twelfth century religious foundation, which has always been under the patronage of the current Queen. It provided refuge for a community of poor people.

The foundation still exists and has been relocated to Limehouse.

The aim of this dock was to take business from the earlier docks that were constructed to the east, further from the City of London. Unfortunately the railways were invented soon afterwards, and so it was more convenient to unload cargoes with rail access further downstream, than for the ships to come all the way up to the Tower Bridge area.

The enterprise was not successful and was soon taken over by the London Dock Company. St. Katherine's was the first to close after the collapse of the docks in the 1970s, and the first to be converted to modern use - in this case a marina.

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St Katherine's Dock Marina

Thomas Telford constructed this dock back in 1828

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