Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine

Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine

This is the place where Marc Bolan crashed and died.

Location: Queens Ride, Barnes, London, SW15 5RG

Description: This is the place, and you can even find the specific tree, where glam rock god Marc Bolan died on 16 September 1977. The T Rex singer hit a tree here in his girlfriend's Mini, and there's a shrine there too.

Please bear in mind that this part of the road is is private & owned by the Residents.

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Tours: The London Rockstar Death Trail

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Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine

This is the place where Marc Bolan crashed and died.

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Marc Bolan's Rock Shrine

56» I havent made the trip to see the tree but i want to. @ alice. When do they have a vigil there and what happens. i would love to go but live far away. this year i am coming to london to see trextasy and the bop so would like to ask if anyone can tell me? (Futuristic Meadow)
Posted by Futuristic Meadow on 2012-06-20
55» Marc would not have wanted all the conflict about his shrine and the banning of vigils by the lease holder. Please just try to understand that true fans don´t cause the damage so we should not be punished by being banned. (alice)
Posted by alice on 2010-10-04
54» Marc Bolan 1947-1977. Next week sees the 33rd anniversay of Marcs passing. A host of things I am looking forward to do during that week. Crematorium in Golders Green, The Shrine in Barnes, The Marc Bolan music bus trip Putney and all over London, The Bolan Karioke @ The White Swan Golders Green,The Bolan Bop @Club Unique in Golders Green, TooRex tribute band at The Half Moon Putney, Trextasy in Walthamstow. Its gonna be so Cosmic. K.A.L.M.I.Y.H. (CosmicRamp)
Posted by CosmicRamp on 2010-09-07
53» A dead trunk from the side of the Marc Bolan Rock Shrine has now been removed. Some tributes, a cherub, flowers and Boas have also been removed since last Sunday.On a positve note someone had the courtesy to put their beer cans in a bag but still left the bag there. Dont suppose you can expect miracles but would a true fan leave rubbish and take other fans tributes. Its very disrespectful and sad. (Anonymous)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-25
52» Went to the Shrine this September and stayed all night. Something very strange happened at exactly 5am, this was the first time I have witnessed such a thing, quite surreal and very spiritual, I really do think Marc hovers around there from time to time. (Cosmic Ramp)
Posted by Cosmic Ramp on 2009-12-05
51» Yes Peter. There are so many strange things associated with Marc, Trees and associated things. A quick one ... The Mini Gloria was driving that fateful night had the registration FOX661L and his song Solid Gold Easy Action contained the lyrics "Easy as picking Foxes from a Tree". One painting by Magritte Marc is reported to have liked is a Tree at Darn with the moon in exactly the same phase as it was when Marc died - something which is not repeated in the years either side of 1977. Marc published a Poem entitled Sycamore of Sorrow which talks of twisted bent metal ... and yes the Bolan Tree is a Sycamore ... OK Thatll do for now. They are just some of the spooky associations with this site. Laser Love xxx (Fee Warner (TAG Founder & Secretary))
Posted by Fee Warner (TAG Founder & Secretary) on 2009-11-13
50» Hi, its been almost 20 years since I first came upon The Tree. And its been really weird, a bit paranormal I should say. At that time I lived in Putney and one day I went for a long walk starting near Roehampton. Accidentally I had a T.Rex compilation cassette in my portable, and out of a sudden came a thought he crashed somewhere in the area. Instinctively I walked one street after another, crossed richmond road, and suddenly - believe it or not - That was It !! Beyond any logic. Still strange. (peter)
Posted by peter on 2009-11-08
49» A young man by the name of William Mead died on the same stretch of road about 4 years ago. There was until recently a shrine to him there and wreaths were laid in his memory at Bolans and vice-versa (Cpt. Johann Briggerde)
Posted by Cpt. Johann Briggerde on 2009-11-03
48» After 30 years of thinkin about going to see the bolan tree. I made it. Yesterday 16 sep 09 - now Im on a roll ziggy stardust heddon street. Here I come. cat black the wizards hat. joe yates (londonjoe100)
Posted by londonjoe100 on 2009-09-17
47» mmmm anon. So you are assuming that TAG are a profit-making organisation. Please get your facts right before posting. TAG do what they do for the love of Marc (whether it be once or 100 times a year). Gardenia; of course its Marc;s space but thanks to TAG it is more accessible. (Gail)
Posted by Gail on 2009-09-15
46» TAG have made the site safe for visitors by building the steps and regularly maintaining the area, despite tributes being stolen on a regular basis. A lot of the work of TAG goes on behind the scenes, by providing a regularly updated website, which is a goldmine of information. I visited the tree for the first time this year and was deeply affected by this beautiful shrine. Well done to TAG and all the fans who visit. Looking forward to meeting everyone again in September for the 32nd anniversary (Laserlady7)
Posted by Laserlady7 on 2009-09-13
45» Spot on Janey. Shame anon didnt have the courage of their convictions and give their name.. Contrary to their post, TAG visit the tree as often as they can and regularly top up the bark chippings on the steps as well as tidy and clean the area. (Ruth)
Posted by Ruth on 2009-09-01
44» TAG have made the site safe for visitors by building the steps and regularly maintaining the area, despite tributes being stolen on a regular basis. A lot of the work of TAG goes on behind the scenes, by providing a regularly updated website, which is a goldmine of information. I visited the tree for the first time this year and was deeply affected by this beautiful shrine. Well done to TAG and all the fans who visit. Looking forward to meeting everyone again in September for the 32nd anniversary. (Anonymous)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-31
43» You forget Ms anon that if TAG hadnt saved the tree it would have been felled by 2002 and that it is only their work that got Marc recognized through the site by The English Tourist Board when they Officially recognized it as his Rock Shrine. I for one appreciate TAGs hard work and I know they are the ones with True Dedication, so tanx (Janey)
Posted by Janey on 2009-08-30
42» Marcs Rock Shrine has always been a spirutual place to visit with or without TAG. This space doesnt need a bronze bust or board to make it look loved, visited and spiritual.It is Marcs place no one elses and Im sure he enjoys all his visitors and tributes.Thanks to the regular work and maintenace done out of sheer love for Marc by dedicated fans out of their own pockets. TAG visit only once a year maybe twice. a year. Without these (non profit making)fans it would look unloved and littered in beer cans and rubbish. True dedication is what is needed not name checks (anon)
Posted by anon on 2009-08-26
41» Beautiful , spiritual place and so well cared for. (Anon)
Posted by Anon on 2009-08-26
40» Ill be visiting the tree for the first time in September. I only really discovered Marcs music properly about six years ago, but Im so glad I did. He was one of the greats. (John Hunt)
Posted by John Hunt on 2009-08-19
39» The visitors book started out at the shrine but sadly a new one had to be placed at the Spencer Arms because the original was stolen. (Trisha)
Posted by Trisha on 2009-08-12
38» Someone has introduced a visitors book for Marc Bolans shrine .It is kept at The Spencer Arms in Putney, just down the road from Marcs Shrine. (anon)
Posted by anon on 2009-07-30
37» You pay your respects to Marc at The Shrine,because he died here , regardless of steps and TAG. This is and always will be Marcs space (Gardenia)
Posted by Gardenia on 2009-07-30
36» Marc was a friend of mine and i am going to miss him so much he rocks my world Darling I love you so much I am going to miss you (Becky O'Brien)
Posted by Becky O'Brien on 2009-06-13
35» Marc had a special soul in his suit and as far as this cat goes hell always have the universe reclining in his hair. (David Ferguson)
Posted by David Ferguson on 2009-04-26
34» This is the place you have to go & pay respect to the magic prince..Tanx to TAG !! (Elliot.rex)
Posted by Elliot.rex on 2009-02-28
33» Just to correct the address. It is Queens Ride Barnes.Although it comes under SW15 it is actually on the border and is part of Richmond Upon Thames Council and not Wandsworth.Part of the tree was felled a few years ago due to disease but the tree is still there and being looked after. There has been a Bronze bust and a headstone erected over the years and a notice board for dedications in order to stop further damage to the tree. There is a Marc Bolan celebration of every anniversary each year in Golders Green London. (Anonymous)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-18
32» Im 16 and have been a fan since i was about 8, his music has inspired me in many ways and im just glad he has such a huge fanbase to continue his legacy...Keep a little Marc in your heart... (JamesMiesterG)
Posted by JamesMiesterG on 2009-01-28
31» I agree. Now that the site is recognised as Marc Bolans Rock Shrine by Enjoy England (formally the English Tourist Board) as a Site of Rock n Roll Importance in their guide England Rocks ( can we have the name changed to Marc Bolans Rock Shrine or just Marc Bolans Tree please Shady Old Lady Gang? Fingers Crossed. (Fee)
Posted by Fee on 2009-01-09
30» Marc is still the MAIN MAN! (Marclover)
Posted by Marclover on 2008-12-19
29» hmmm..i dont like to hear the name" marcs death tree!"sorry if any of you think im out of order here....i do like to go there & wasnt the tree that killed him was far as im concerened...marcs not dead....he is in the breeze..the sound of the birds singing...and hes in our hearts......,i have been a fan of his since the age of 9...thats 37 yrs of loving him!! omg!!i really dont feel as old as that!..mind you,,,all you bolan mates make me feel young...and i say a big tanx!!! xxxx (deborah)
Posted by deborah on 2008-10-09
28» Marc is still touching lives 31 years after his passing. He went to a better place but left this place better for his presence and wonderful music. Looking forward to going to the tree and crem on my next visit to London. Debra (debra)
Posted by debra on 2008-08-29
27» I have been a Marc Bolan fan since 1970 and I found this so very interesting and done so proffesssionaly. thank you very much for sharing. Love Shades x (Shades)
Posted by Shades on 2008-08-27
26» I have always been a huge fan of Marc Bolan, his music always makes me feel happy no matter whatever happens in my life. I can always rely on Marc to boast my mood and energy. Not a day goes by that i dont think of Marc.... Rock On. (Michael E)
Posted by Michael E on 2008-08-21
Posted by PAUL on 2008-08-05
24» I worked with the wife of the marketing director of EMI and only a few weeks before had travelled in the same car down the same road in the back with Gloria driving and Marc in the front.... tragic tragic loss :-( (lucidlupin)
Posted by lucidlupin on 2008-07-01
23» Tanx for the Thanks. It is nice to know that the work we do is appreciated and I would like to thank the other people (such as Ruth, Kate, Spike, when shes in the UK Jaime and everyone else) for giving the site a tidy when they are there. Its also wonderful that TAGs Marc Bolan & T-Rex Fan Club is going from strength to strength thanks to its members who continue to donate things making it THE "By Fans - For Fans" Marc Bolan & T-Rex Web Site ... Long way it all continue as a Fitting Tribute to the Main Man :-) (Fee (TAG Founder & Secretary))
Posted by Fee (TAG Founder & Secretary) on 2008-06-30
22» Have been to the spiritual feeling that is the tree a few times. Thank you Fee and Kev for this wonderful tribute that you maintain so well. I will always keep a LOT of Marc in my heart. His music changed my life. I love him as much today as I did then and always will. (Deana)
Posted by Deana on 2008-06-27
21» I visited the tree today (15.06.08), the site was lovely, it looks loved and cared for, I took a bag to clear away rubbish but there wasnt any. So many messages and flowers and tokens shows how Marc is never forgotten. (Trisha)
Posted by Trisha on 2008-06-15
20» I live in Canada and have never been to the UK, but knowing that I can one day visit the Tree, this is now #1 on my list. To keep him alive in our hearts so many years after his passing proves what a significant human being Marc Bolan was and still is. His music will live on forever. Thank you Fee and Kev for your time and care in maintaining this spot where we can feel close to him, a Tree which would otherwise be lost and forgotten amidst a forest of trees. (Cathy)
Posted by Cathy on 2008-06-13
19» Its So Sad to see a great star killed in such tragic circumstances. May his soul live on through music. (Danielle)
Posted by Danielle on 2008-01-08
18» lots of wild hair and poectic verse will always be my favourate kind of guy! cant wait to meet him someday. (elisa collingwood)
Posted by elisa collingwood on 2007-09-05
17» I think Marc Bolan is really great; he is a real great favourite of mine, and has been since the early 70s. I have got all of his records, and I am always playing them. I think he is really brilliant, excellent, fantastic and magnificent. He will always be one of my favourites: I will never go off him. I am in my element when I am listening to him. (Nick Bicknell)
Posted by Nick Bicknell on 2007-08-17
16» Marc Bolan will forever live in our hearts and unlike Bowie he was the King of Glam everyone else is just a copy. (Shades)
Posted by Shades on 2007-08-11
15» Its wonderful to see some recognition at last. Marc is a legend, and should be remembered as such. We all still miss him so much. Tanx for your time. Gary. (gary_l)
Posted by gary_l on 2007-08-10
14» Its coming up to Marcs 30th Anniversary & in this 30th Anniversary Year the Latest News is that The English Tourist Board have Officially Recognised The Bolan Tree as Marc Bolans Rock Shrine as being a Sight of Rock n Roll Importance significant enough to be included in their Guide "England Rocks". Everyone is especially Welcome at The Tree Site on Sunday 16th September 1:00 pm until 5:00pm when loads of fans will be there. You can also pick up a copy of the English Tourist Board Guide "England Rocks" from me at the same time too :-) (Fee)
Posted by Fee on 2007-08-07
13» This is a special 30th year for Marc Bolan fans old and new.Marc has remained in our hearts and memories all this time.Put a little Masrc in your heart every day for HE IS THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL Michael TAG T Rex Action Group at Rock On (Michael_t)
Posted by Michael_t on 2007-08-07
12» Greatly loved, greatly missed. Debra (debra)
Posted by debra on 2007-08-07
11» Marc Bolan has to be the best man EVER!! lol...he was such a great performer...and even better off stage! He always gave the best he could, he had and even though he has passed he still has this some thing else, that NO one can get....TAG has to be one of the BEST clubs to see every thing from photos, newspaper clips...and true stories...truely great to be around such lovely fans... Marc Bolan T.Rex WILL live on...their music sound like it was produced today..let alone 20+ years ago..... Keep a little Marc in your heart.... (Mel)
Posted by Mel on 2007-08-06
10» marc bolan is a god he certainly is at the top of my gods list.. it sucks ass that he died..x (freya)
Posted by freya on 2007-07-13
Marc will and always be a beatiful soul and I think hes never really gone away, hes everywhere around the people who love him. So nice to see his shrine here, its worth it if it inspires new fans to find out about this wonderful man and his work (Anna)
Posted by Anna on 2007-06-28
Total schock when and how he whent to sleep For I believe that his suit died, not his spirit and soul! I miss his suiteach day day more and more. One consolation is that one day well meet the New World! Hope to come on the 16 th...if not Ill remember him here , at spirit with you all! (Cindy)
Posted by Cindy on 2007-03-25
many many people from all over the world will be travelling to the site on the 16th Sept 2007, to commemorate the genius that is Marc Bolan, it will be both a joyous & sad occasion, celebrating his life & what he gave the music world & mourning he was tragically taken away from us so early, i for one will be travelling from Ireland, its something ive wanted to do since i was a little boy ,tanx to the work Fee, Kev & all at TAG we have a very beautiful shrine to come to Cosmic Love Col (Col)
Posted by Col on 2007-01-08
Interseting site. Great to see Marc Bolan is still high in the charts, well done to Fee at the T-Rex Action Group (TAG) (Phil Batho)
Posted by Phil Batho on 2006-12-01
I now live in the USA but when I was in England I went to Barnes and G.G every year from 1979 onwards, until I moved in 1999. I have to say TAG got a very bad rep. around 1997ish but from what I have seen on your web site, and the work done by the group, I have to say weldone, and a very big thank you to everyone involved in TAG. You really are doing your bit to keep Marc and the band alive in the 21st century. Keep up the good work. `n Truck On` Mike in CA USA. (Mick Lynch)
Posted by Mick Lynch on 2006-11-28
Marc Bolan is a legend. (David Atkinson)
Posted by David Atkinson on 2006-11-28
As Marc Bolan is legendary right around the world. People make the pilgrimage to visit the tree.. I for one am coming to do that from Australia for the 30th anniversary.... (jaime)
Posted by jaime on 2006-11-27
Marcs tree also happens to be the biggest rock shrine in th UK with visitors coming from all over the world..its well maintained and looked after by Fee and Kev Warner.. (Spike)
Posted by Spike on 2006-11-25
Hi There. Bolan-Tastic to see Marc Rock Shrine Listed! I founded the T-Rex Action Group (TAG) in 1999 to care for the site, save the Tree which had been given "less than three years to live" & make the tree & Site safe. We were granted an in perpetuity lease on the site with ownership & therefore the responsibility for caring for The Bolan Tree which is as big as the creature T-Rex was named after! Since taking action to save the Tree it didnt have to be felled in 2002. However that was the year of Marcs 25th Anniversary, & we installed a Bronze Bust of The Main Man there unveiled by his son Rolan Bolan. In 2005 we installed Memorial Plaques for other members of T-Rex who like Marc had passed over. We have details, photos & videos of The Tree Site, Marc & T-Rex on our web site on:- Tanx again. Laser Love, Fee (Fee Warner)
Posted by Fee Warner on 2006-11-25

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