House of Reeves

House of Reeves

The iconic furniture shop destroyed in the 2011 riots.

Location: 120 Church Street, Croydon

Description: House of Reeves is a family-run furniture retailer in Croydon, coming to nation al fame as it burned to the ground during the London riots in August 2011. It is Croydon's oldest and largest furniture retailer.

The store was founded in 1867 as Ye Olde Curiositie Shoppe on Church Street opposite Croydon Parish Church by Edwin Reeves, a barrel maker from Sherborne, Dorset. The store's name was changed after World War II to E. Reeves Ltd and later to House of Reeves. The position granted the area it's own name Reeves' Corner, and can be seen on the new Tram stop outside and on local bus services.

Time magazine wrote that the destruction of House of Reeves came to symbolize the violence that spread across England during the three days of rioting and indeed the pictures from it's burning have become iconic of the events that August.

Tours: The London Riots Tour

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House of Reeves

The iconic furniture shop destroyed in the 2011 riots.

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