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Westfield Stratford City East
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The Kate & William Wedding Tour
The Kate & William Wedding Tour


3rd April 1999 Oliver! Composer Lionel Bart sadly passes away in Hammersmith, London.

3rd April 1985 Vic Elliot pocketed 15,780 pool balls in 24 hours in London

3rd April 1981 Race riots in London's Brixton area

3rd April 1976 The Sex Pistols open for Joe Strummer's 101's at the Nashville Rooms.go to related location

3rd April 1957 Samuel Beckett's Endgame, premieres in London

3rd April 1934 Born today: Jane Goodall, London England, ethologist (studied African chimps)

3rd April 1932 Born today: Janet Bately, Prof of English Language (King's College London)

3rd April 1893 Born today: Leslie Howard, [Stainer], London, actor (Gone With the Wind)

3rd April 1888 Key Whitechapel prostitute murder prior to Jack the Ripper.go to related location

3rd April 1764 Born today: John Abernethy, London, surgeon

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Locations in the Victorian art movement, but not limited to the original Brotherhood members as the title might lead you to believe

NOTE: Please note this is a virtual tour, a Do-It-Yourself tour you can print off and take with you when you visit London.

Submitted by HCShannon

# Image Location Address Notes
1Artist Millais Lived & Died hereArtist Millais Lived & Died here2 Palace Gate, Kensington, London
2William Morris' House & GalleryWilliam Morris' House & GalleryLloyd Park, Forest Road, London
3Mammoth in ChelseaMammoth in Chelsea195 King's Road, Chelsea, London
4William Morris's FurnitureWilliam Morris's Furniture17 Red Lion Square, Bloomsbury, London
5John Ruskin born hereJohn Ruskin born here54 Hunter Street, Holborn
6St Barnabas Preaching RiotsSt Barnabas Preaching RiotsSt Barnabas Street, Pimlico
7Tennyson and TownshendTennyson and TownshendChapel House, Montpelier Row, Twickenham
8Rossetti's Grave DiggingRossetti's Grave DiggingHighgate Cemetery, London
9Tate Britain, Sugar & Prison!Tate Britain, Sugar & Prison!Millbank, London
10Leighton House & Arab HallLeighton House & Arab HallLeighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road
11William Morris tutored hereWilliam Morris tutored hereHoe Street, Walthamstow
12The Foundling MuseumThe Foundling Museum40 Brunswick Square, London
13The Cross KeysThe Cross Keys1 Lawrence Street, Chelsea
14Butterfield's Gothic All SaintsButterfield's Gothic All SaintsMargaret Street, London
15William Morris' BirthplaceWilliam Morris' BirthplaceElm House, 341/343 Forest Road, Walthamstow
16Ophelia's RiverOphelia's Riveroff Church Road
17Birthplace of the Pre-RaphaeliteBirthplace of the Pre-RaphaeliteCavendish College
18Muse Elizabeth Siddal born hereMuse Elizabeth Siddal born here7 Greville Street, Holborn, London
19William Morris' Red HouseWilliam Morris' Red HouseRed House Lane
19 locations, 3719 hits

download Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood as a PDF documentDownload a PDF version of this tour here. This can then be emailed or printed and allows for your personal notes to be added prior or while on tour.