aviation Top Aviation-related places to visit in London.

Top Aviation-related places to visit in London.

Flying in, flying out, flying around, flying industry and all manner of places in London associated with aeroplanes, hot air balloons, and other local sky-related machinery, etc.


11. Balloonist Gleisher lived here @ 20 Dartmouth Hill, Blackheath, London
12. Vincent C. Richmond lived here @ 24 Silverdale Road, Highams Park
13. Stag Lane Aerodrome @ Stag Lane, Edgware
14. Concorde man born here. @ 499 Hale End Road, Highams Park, London
15. Croydon Airport @ Purley Way, Croydon
16. The Aeronaut of Holloway @ Highgate Cemetary East, Swain's Lane
17. Sopwith Camel maker lived here @ 46 Green Street, Mayfair
18. Parachute Pioneer lived here @ Goldings, Clays Lane, Loughton