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Westfield Stratford City East
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The Princess Diana Tour
The Princess Diana Tour


20th August 1989 Marchioness river crash disaster between cruiser and barge kills 30 people.

20th August 1978 Two dead after El Al crew ambushed in Mayfair.go to related location

20th August 1923 London harbor strike ends

20th August 1909 Born today: Andre Morell, London England, actor (Hound of the Baskervilles)

Elizabethan & Stuart London

Literary & scientific connections

NOTE: Please note this is a virtual tour, a Do-It-Yourself tour you can print off and take with you when you visit London.

Submitted by mdejoslin

# Image Location Address Notes
1Will's Coffee HouseWill's Coffee House39 Bow Street, Covent Garden
2Charles II 's Special RoadCharles II 's Special RoadKing's Road
3All Hallows ChurchAll Hallows ChurchByward Street, London
4Devils Tavern and Apollo ClubDevils Tavern and Apollo Club2 Fleet Street, London
5Pepys's GhostPepys's Ghost12 Buckingham Street, Westminster, London
6Sir Isaac Newton lived hereSir Isaac Newton lived here87 Jermyn Street, St James, London
7Captain Kidd Public HouseCaptain Kidd Public HouseOff Wapping Rose Garden
8The Ancient HouseThe Ancient HouseWalthamstow Village, London
9Comedy of Errors 1st PerformanceComedy of Errors 1st PerformanceGray's Inn Hall, South Square, Holborn
10Necromancer John Dee lived hereNecromancer John Dee lived hereMortlake High Street, Mortlake, London
11The Royal ObservatoryThe Royal ObservatoryNational Maritime Museum, Greenwich
12The Great Fire of LondonThe Great Fire of LondonPudding Lane
13Voltaire lived and wrote hereVoltaire lived and wrote here10 Maiden Lane, Westminster, London
14Old Parr aged 152 lived hereOld Parr aged 152 lived here405 Strand, London
15Bleeding Heart YardBleeding Heart YardBleeding Heart Yard, Hatton Garden, London
16Created by an Almost-BardCreated by an Almost-Bard99 Buckingham Palace Road
17Shakespeare's Ireland YardShakespeare's Ireland YardIreland Yard, Blackfriars, London
18Shakespeare, The LodgerShakespeare, The LodgerMonkswell Street, London Wall, London
19The Cuming MuseumThe Cuming Museum151 Walworth Road, Southwark, London
20The Globe TheatreThe Globe Theatre21 New Globe Walk, Bankside
21The Great Bard's TheatreThe Great Bard's TheatreNew Inn Broadway, off Gt Eastern Street
22George InnGeorge InnBorough High Street, Southwark
23The Ye Olde MitreThe Ye Olde Mitre1 Ely Court
24St Nicholas' ChurchSt Nicholas' ChurchDeptford Green, London
25The Old Thameside InnThe Old Thameside InnPickfords Wharf, Clink Street, London Bridge
26Ben Jonson is Still StandingBen Jonson is Still StandingWestminster Abbey, Westminster, London
27Fishmonger's HallFishmonger's HallLondon Bridge, London
28Fortune Street ParkFortune Street ParkFortune Street, Barbican, London
29The EagleThe Eagle2 Shepherdess Walk, Islington, London
30Winfield HouseWinfield HouseNorth West Regents Park, London
31The Golden Boy StatueThe Golden Boy StatueCorner of Giltspur Street & Cock Lane, London
32The Monument.... is leaning!The Monument.... is leaning!Near King William Street
33Punch and Judy BirthplacePunch and Judy BirthplaceSt Pauls Portico, Westminster
34Canonbury TowersCanonbury TowersCanonbury Place, Islington
35The Wig and Pen ClubThe Wig and Pen Club230 The Strand, Westminster, London
36The DoveThe Dove 19 Upper Mall, Hammersmith
36 locations, 4956 hits

download Elizabethan & Stuart London as a PDF documentDownload a PDF version of this tour here. This can then be emailed or printed and allows for your personal notes to be added prior or while on tour.